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she #2


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talk to me..

They say “hope” is a good thing . Mother also told me that hope is everything , we all strive for better tomorrow , and only “hope” keeps us going .

I try to speak to people, but somehow words dont come out . The connect is lost between the thoughts and language .  Sit for hours and days , and no one would talk .  Some one  i talked would say she talks the same shit , of love and her life, her sorrows and her condition . I never had the audacity to choose people. Couple of them who choose me, left me to suffer forever .  Me being polite to welcome them , and they carrying a sword of self made thoughts and requirements to chop the innermost element in me.

The image I  displayed on this blog are clicked by me. I somehow got convinced to photograph.

The yellow chair towards you is my chair, looking for one smile, one helping hand.

The other chair sits that way for years now.

IMG_20160201_220046i hope someday chairs would turn.

Speedo- meter

Hello People,

This is my first ever post interacting with the world. Tired many  times through different mediums  , failed.

Recently I read a blog of a bipolar superstar.  I kept reading the chapter of the blogger again and again and could relate and feel every minute detail of it . I started having a hope within me. The writings and chapters made me rewind and forward the chapters of my life. I could stop any episode that occurred, live in there . Being there, in the very moment . Then move on to another moment , live it and again the other .  expedite the roles i played.

As I continue to read, i realised that I for once , wasn’t alone. There are many who may somewhere relate to me .Life seems like its a speedo – meter.

_MG_3286.jpgIts been 12 years , or maybe more then that . I have been struggling to be with people and talk .  Tried to make friends just like others, never succeeded. Yes  i have mental sickness , they say  bipolar. Got the know when i started to get attacks .  Up until then just like everyone who is suffering , I too felt the same . It cant happen to me , i am very strong . But its happening  .  It has happened .

Just like the mystic blogger . I decided to write and share through this wonderful medium. It has taken a lot of courage to write this down too .  I aint a good writer, I may convey my feelings.  Even i dont , its still good . Atleast i am talking .  Either to myself or rest .  Who talks anyways now-a -days .